Adult Sunday School Classes

Alpha Class

(Ages: 35-70) Lecture using Sunday School literature. Class meetings and gatherings. Contribute to specific charities. Meets in room 212.

Cross Ties

(Ages: 25+ In-depth Bible study. Emphasis placed on studying God's word. Monthly social gatherings. Meets in room 216.


(Ages: 45+ ) Discussion using Bible study and Christian books. Meets in Room 217


Ages 50+  Class members and guest speakers use the Cokesbury Adult Bible Series.  Contribute financially to "Bible in Schools", provide volunteers for the nursery, children's department, and Safe House. Meets in Room 211


Ages 45+ Lecture and discussion studies include current issues, Bible study, Christian books, and Sunday School  literature. Quarterly social gatherings and service projects. Meets in Room 213.


"Friends in Service to Him" (Couples and singles) Discussion and Biblical Teaching plus service to others. Meets in Room 214.


(Ages 55+) Two classes.  Lecture using Sunday School literature with class discussion. Bi-monthly class meetings which may include meal and/or excursion.  One class meeting in Room 111.  One class meets in the church parlor. 

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